BERRA Construction Products welcomes C.E. Industries (QLD) as the SmartRock2 distributor for Queensland and Northern Territory.

BERRA Construction Products are excited to welcome C.E. Industries (QLD) to the team as the SmartRock2 distributor for Queensland and Northern Territory.

Founded in 1973, C.E. Industries has grown from a small operation supplying and installing concrete batching equipment to one of the country’s leading independent suppliers of specialized concrete and construction materials, representing over 50 product manufacturers across disciplines including concrete admixtures and repair, waterproofing and water-stops, joint fillers and sealants, non-shrink grouts, epoxy coatings, and adhesives.

All of the staff at C.E. Industries have extensive backgrounds in and unique knowledge of road building, bridges, ports, dams, water retaining structures, civil and commercial construction, runways and mining infrastructure. C.E. Industries also acts as a consultant in product selection and application for both small and large projects.


Benefits of Wireless Maturity Monitoring with SmartRock2

Wireless Concrete Sensor and Smartphone at Construction Jobsite

Monitoring concrete temperature and strength is critical to optimizing various processes including formwork removal, post-tensioning, heat curing, and opening roads to traffic. Wireless maturity sensors like SmartRock2 make this easier than ever. Compared to traditional cylinder break testing, the maturity method (ASTM C1074) provides countless advantages, including:

Saved Time

By delivering real-time concrete strength data directly to the contractor’s Android or iOS device, wireless maturity sensors can optimize post-tensioning, stripping formwork, and jumping form, thereby cutting weeks off project schedules.

Reduced Costs

By eliminating break tests, concrete maturity sensors increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with labour, equipment, and destructive testing.

Improved Accuracy of Results

Continuous logging of concrete temperature and strength ensures more reliable results and reduces liability for contractors.

Companies like C.E. Industries (QLD) are modernising the construction industry by using SmartRock2 sensors to bring efficiency, accuracy, and safety to critical construction processes. It’s time you do too.

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